The World Law Congress is an event organized by the World Law Foundation in which conferences from different organisations converge. The main organization holding its Biennial Congress within the framework of the so-called Davos of Law is the World Jurist Association (WJA), American NGO based in Washington, DC, with special consultative status to the United Nations.


The WJA has celebrated biennial congresses around the world since 1965, all of which have focused on the promotion of the Rule of Law as a guarantor of freedom and development for nations. Other law-related organisations also find a place to celebrate and share their knowledge with the wider legal community attending the World Law Congress (WLC).

During the World Law Congresses, more than 2,000 worldwide leaders gather to discuss current matters that the legal world should address. At the WLC, heads of State, chief justices, justices, judges, academics, notaries, registrars, lawyers, law students, and jurists in general share a single forum.


It is attended not only the most distinguished jurists, but also journalists, politicians, businessmen, ambassadors and other professionals whose career converges with law-related topics: human rights, financial litigation, education, constitutionalism, intellectual property, free journalism, democracy, among other topics, are discussed every two years during this leading worldwide event.